See in the subpages (links on sidebar) all the +70 Shortcodes that will be avaliable when are you using WordPress Toolset!


How to add All the Shortcodes and the Shortcode Generator

Now you will see how to add the Shortcodes and the Shortcode Generator to your theme.


Step #1

First, open the WP Toolset in your browser in the address OR OR http://localhost/wpts, depending of your installation.

Then go to the Ultra Shortcodes item and let’s begin!


Step #2

In the step #1 you will need insert the complete path of your theme, like: D:Arquivos de programasEasyPHP5.3.0wwwwpts_webwp-contentthemeswpts_hotsite

Use D:Arquivos de programasEasyPHP5.3.0wwwwpts_webwp-contentthemeswpts_hotsite instead D:Arquivos de programasEasyPHP5.3.0wwwwpts_webwp-contentthemeswpts_hotsite


[info]If you insert a path with a ‘/’ in the end the process will fail![/info]


Step #3

Now you need paste the “mark” in two files of your theme.

The first file is the functions.php, paste the mark in any local of the code, preferably in the end of the file.

After this, you need paste the mark in the header.php. Paste the mark inside the <head> tag near the <link> tags that include the others CSS files.

Then, click in the Create Shortcodes Now button!

If all OK, a success message will appear!  Now you have +70 Shortcodes and a Shortcode Generator avaliable!


Now you can Download a WordPress Export file that contains some posts with the Shortcodes in use to you import in your theme and show to all the avaliable Shortcodes!


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